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National Costumes represents each of the various countries with its own heritage and educate people to understand about their history, culture and purposes.

National costume or regional costume expresses an identity through costume which usually relates to a geographic area or religious status. Such costumes often come in two forms: one for everyday occasions, the other for festivals and formal wear.

Nowadays, it has been worn rarely at parties as they have been replaced by more modern and fashionable gowns. National Costumes are worn only in beauty pageants by women representing each country of origin such as Miss Universe. These costumes can also be worn during events like dinner and dance ; associated with ‘International’ or ‘Around the World’ theme. These themes have a huge diversity in the kind of clothes to choose and worn around the world.

Certain countries does practice wearing of its country traditional costumes, maybe for an everyday or during their annually “National Day” or festivals, examples like: Kimono; traditional clothing of Japan,Sari; traditional clothing for women in India, Kebaya; traditional clothing for Indonesia, Burong Tagalong; traditional clothing in Philippines.

As of today, although many of national costumes of various countries have been modernized and tailor-made, the essence of these costumes represents still remains.