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Performing in Dance

Even if the dance itself is great, the choice of costume which the dancer will carry on his performance can contribute his connection  with the audience. He should be chosen with great care as it affects the effectiveness of the approach .

When choosing a costume for dance, always have in mind that should be consistent with the song that was chosen to dance, its ​​choreography, the body of dancers and his age or level of dancing. All these elements are extremely important and should always be considered.

The choice of song affects greatly the formation of the suit. That is because each style of songs fit with a particular type of costume. Therefore, once a song is selected, it is necessary to make some investigation associated with it, such as who is the genre of the song, which is Its contractor, the meaning of the lyrics and etc.

The choreography is also an important element that affects the choosing  of a dancing costume. Choreographer is necessary to look at the whole song, dancers, and then choose a suit that will bring out the best performance attributes of the dancer.

Years and level of dancing are also important when choosing a costume. They should correspond to the age of the dancer. If the dancer is just a little child, who had just started to dance, wearing a suit that fits professional dancers it’s not appropriate.

The appearance of the dancer is also very important on how to choose a suit for the performance. You need to be sure that is what you want to  be shown to  the audience and than make the choice. Of course, if you decide to wear a costume that not cover much of the body, the audience will focus their attention not only on the performance, but also on your physical appearance. The skin tone of the dancer is also important for the formation of the costume. Black costumes are those that all dancers should avoid, of course except if there is really a need to fits with the details and colors of the scene. The dark costumes are always worse choice than lighter, delicate shades. Those dancers who have a pale skin tone also necessary should  avoid white shades and try as much as possible to harmonize their costume and with her hair.

The thing that is important to remember is that every dancer needs to feel comfortable in their dance costume. He should show the dancer in true light as someone who is worth to be seen, not as someone who only wants to attract the attention of the audience . Dancer costume is not only important for him, but it also should take into account to present his teacher, studio in a good light.

Whether you choose to buy  your costume, or you decide to make it on your own, always keep these things in mind. They are important how the audience will perceive you in the future. Choose your perfect costume and than shine on the stage.