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Christmas. Is anyone there who is not happy about his coming? All those lights, decorations, happy smiley faces around. The big Christmas tree in the corner of the room? I f you are one of those who are in love with all those tradition for this holiday, I am sure that you are going to like to put an effort and do something on your own to decorate your home.

Here are some of the ideas for Christmas decorating that you are going to love.

  • Unique ornaments

Why not decorate your Christmas tree with unique ornaments made  ​​by you? All you will need are all materials that you have in your home, the shiny dust, colorful crayons, materials and strings. Coat the reel or small ball that you will make from paper and then add shiny dust, ribbons or any kind of decoration and do as you wanted.

You can also package the interesting Christmas box and surprise your friends and loved ones in the family.

  • Paper Ornaments

Using paper from newspapers or notebooks that you have around the house, you can make additional decorations that will enrich your Christmas decoration. We do our best to make perfect angels that can paste on your windows or simply place despite a other decoration. Also, you can use paper and make a small Christmas tree thanks to him. Just overlapping the side -by-side, you get your Christmas decoration which time he will speckled with silver spray would be remarkable ornament that will enrich your home.

  • Make decorations for the door

Why not do it yourself wreath for the front door to your home? All you will need are green branches that will break them from a tree and then using ribbons, tape, decorations, ornaments and what you like can make your wreath. Woven the unique branches in the circle, and then add all elements that you want and your door for a moment will be uniquely decorated.

Also thanks to the green branches, you can make yourself arrangement environment in which you place a candle.

  • Decorate the table

You may have uniquely decorated table using green tape and a few decorations. Set in the middle of the table. To make richer decoration can set some interesting glasses that will fill with artificial snow and then place a candle in the middle with the color that you choose to be the decoration.

  • Place a small forest as a decoration on your desk

Don’t think that you should put huge trees in your room. Cook your favorite cookies, but this time their form shall be the Christmas tree. Bake them and salt them with white powdered sugar and decorate the dish around. It will delight your guests, believe me.

  • Decorate the house with ribbons

Ribbons are also an important symbol for Christmas holidays. Then why not use them? Set of Christmas tree. Place them also on your firework place. You can make one big ribbon and another two smaller from the sides. Also, you can decorate your cushions and bed.


There are tons of ideas that you can use to make your home shine while the holidays. Only you should use your imagination and in the moment you’ll see yourself making an incredible Christmas decoration.