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The Nutcracker, as in the toy soldier from the traditional Christmas time fairy tale, can be an extremely dashing outfit for the young gentleman and his friends. As the fairy-tale goes, a young girl dreams of a nutcracker toy in the shape of a wooden or tin soldier coming to life to fight off an army of villainous rats. This outfit will definitely more than attract a fair share of admirers and attention from the ladies, as a man in uniform never fails to do. For the best results, a tailored fit and buttons complete with boots and regalia will always do the trick, and if 6 or more young men don the same outfit, they can form a nutcracker regiment, a very dashing costume indeed.

The Santa Claus, or Santarina. As the most conventional and safest of costumes, Santa Claus has its origins as a mythical European figure which truly befuddles many. Likewise, you may want to digress from the conventional Santa Claus or female equivalent, the Santarina, by adding various leaves and wreaths that represents the Christmas season, and prepare a basket of goodies for the young children who will view you as the embodiment of generosity and good cheer. You may however, wish to reconsider and come as the embodiment winter, since Christmas is always associated with winter.

Santa’s Elves are a fail proof crowd favourite when it comes to Christmas costume ideas. Why? Because all you need are a bunch of mischievous friends with no ideas on what to wear, lots of green felt if you choose to make your own clothes, or just an evergreen shade of clothing topped off with fake pointy ears, and a pointy tasselled hat, and you will be instantly recognisable as Santa’s Elves! Failing that and the Christmas party was not as fun as you hoped; you could double as a leprechaun and every Irish bar will be open to you!

If you happen to have two other friends of varying ages and your common interests are being unique among the crowd, we have a very unique Christmas costume idea for you. Based off another traditional Christmas fairy tale called “A Christmas carol”, the three ghosts of Christmas, the ghost of Christmases past, present, and future, you will definitely get lots of questions as to why your costumes are so drastic, and you’ll never be left silent for conversation starters, especially since the description of the ghosts vary widely. The ghost of Christmases past is described as a person of undetermined gender, in mid age, with a light or lights aglow atop their head. The ghost of Christmases present is described as a cheerful big man with dark brown curly hair, and atop that is a wreath made of holly and icicles, so prepare your wig and crown! The ghost of Christmas present looks the creepiest though, and looks like death without his scythe, being described as a hooded black gaunt figure with skeletal hands. Great for Halloween too, if you are on a budget. So, with such variations, you and your friends can have a ball of a time dressing up for Christmas!