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For your birthday party needs, we have cracked our heads to bring you the most creative themes you can set for your birthday party to make it an unforgettable blast of birthday fun and memories for years to come!

Children generally love animals and magic, so if you and your party attendees are fine with animals, you can hire a magician at an animal sanctuary for a party! Animal sanctuaries are very likely to have an open area with caretakers very experienced in caring for animals so it can be a very fun and educational experience for children and parents, along with the cost of the party supporting animal welfare. The magic show can also involve said animals; as such sanctuaries do have programmes for animal magic shows that involve audience interaction. Who knows, someone may even adopt a pet!

If you are the sporting type, there’s nothing like inviting all of your children and friends out for a mega session of very safe and very fast paced laser tag. Laser tag themed parties can be exhausting but are fun filled, especially when everyone gets to tag each other in various corners and nooks that a laser tag course always has, and the competitive spirit sure is high, with families working  together as a team for glorious prizes. To add to the fun and excitement, forfeits can be given to the losing or last ranked families to add to the thrill and general amusement of the party! Laser tag is a very fun and safe sport as it is a no contact sport held indoors, so need to worry about dehydration or sunburn!

For those of you who love the sun and poolside with a dash of summer fun in the water, a bouncy castle themed party with a pool is definitely going to be a hit that’s going to be remembered for the many years to come as the most legendary party ever. The perfect combination on a bouncy castle and inflatable waterslides on a hot summer’s day will definitely get your guests revved up and ready for some fun in the sun, and the kids will definitely not be disappointed. Add in dartboards for the adults, mini golf for the children, and child-safe water cannons, everyone will definitely never forget this party!

However, if you fancy classic themed parties where everyone dresses up and comes over to have a blast, you’re in luck, we recommend that you use a time period that everyone is familiar with, such as the nineties or eighties and with matching foods from said historically well-known time period, there will definitely be no lack of conversation or fun times around the party table. To add a twist to the party, you can add in a screening of famous scenes of from that time period and use music from then too, and serve up nostalgia inducing dishes and drinks. If you are feeling a bit flush with cash, why not hire waiters dressed up as iconic characters from that era to complement your theme? It never hurts to have memorable photos taken of you being served by someone in a weird costume!